In our quest to be the definitive communication tool for sync teams. We realised we need to be great meeting tools as well. 

All recurring meetings on Cosmos help teams create visibility for others and a sense of belonging. People can have spontaneous conversations before and after the meetings. 

We’ve evolved into the meetings tool that helps create visibility and a sense of belonging within remote teams.

Mobile and Desktop Apps 

Better Video Quality

We support up to 80 people in a conversation and handle reconnects smoothly. We also have servers across the world to reduce latency. Gallery view now has 12 or 24, or 36 videos per page. You can toggle this in video settings. 

Ultra-clear screen share 

Screenshare can now be made full-screen and optimised for slow internet or text readability.

Google Calendar Integration

Set Cosmos as the default video-calling option for all meetings. Integrate Google Calendar with Cosmos from the settings in your Cosmos Office.

Meeting Topics 

Set meeting topics in Cosmos to let others know what you are discussing and let them jump into the call with one click.

Slack Integration 

Get updates about what’s happening in your Cosmos office directly in Slack. Install the Slack App from the settings in your Cosmos Office.

Meeting Recordings

Record meetings and keep them private or share them with your teammates. To view a recording, head to the video inbox in the left sidebar of your Cosmos office.