🏝️The Remote Work Challenge 

In recent years, distributed remote teams have become the new norm, bringing unique challenges. The most significant issue is the feeling of isolation, loneliness and disconnection among team members. It's now harder to ask for help, share personal experiences, and connect with colleagues more deeply.

🔍 The problem at its core 

Based on our work with 250 remote-first teams, we've identified the issue to be the higher threshold for starting conversations. 

Casual chats at someone's desk are now replaced with a new workflow: messaging your teammate to ask for a call, sharing a reason to talk, and scheduling a call. Higher friction to start a conversation leads to fewer conversations that feel transactional and leads to weakened team bonds. 

Organizations of all sizes are impacted by this issue and are often characterized by the following comments in employee NPS surveys:

  • Team members feel isolated
  • Disconnect within the team
  • Difficult to ask for help or support

These challenges can ultimately result in a loss of productivity or lead to employee churn. The best place for Leadership or HR to learn about the challenges their teams face is to talk to the team's new hires or junior people. In our experience, these challenges are deeply felt by new hires or juniors on the team.

🛠️ Teams are limited by the tools they use

While one can blame these issues on the leadership or individuals in the team for their inability to change their behaviour to fit the tools available: Slack, Google Meet or Zoom. We believe that at work, to be in a state of flow, our tools should fit our innate behavioural needs. 

🪄 The Cosmos Way 

We have built Cosmos to reduce the barrier of starting a conversation within a team. To enable seamless connections between team members at home, in the office or on the beach. 

With Cosmos, team members:

  • Be available, and use statuses to signal availability

  • Others can see who's available for a chat

  • Start talking with just a single click

  • All conversations are visible to others in the team, and they can join with a single click

Lowering the barrier to starting conversations and discovering ongoing discussions, Cosmos fosters stronger cohesion and connection and enhanced support and guidance for junior team members. Features to increase availability and connection.

100+ teams use Cosmos to maintain personal connections and keep your team strong, united, and efficient. 

Here is a video demo of Cosmos: 

Feel free to try Cosmos out with your team to be available, and support each other, and host meetings during work hours.

If you want to use Cosmos for your team, you can get a free personalized demo from a member of our team here.