New updates are here, this time enhancing guests' ability to join meetings quickly and better chat on mobile, ensuring you and your team stay connected.

🔗 Guests can join meetings on mobile easily

  • Guests can join meetings with a link: Easier to jump into discussions quickly. There is no need to sign up; download the Cosmos app, click the link, and go.
  • Enhanced deep linking across Cosmos: Cosmos takes you where you need to be with a link in a snap - space, room, user, or meeting links,

💬 Chat improvements

  • Notifications deep link: Jump to the message from any notification, saving you time and hassle.
  • Thread replies in Direct Messages (DMs), Channels, and meeting chats with a refined user experience.
  • Profile pictures sync seamlessly with mobile, web, and desktop chat, keeping chat personalised and engaging.

👯 Community Feedback

  • Slack notifications: Cosmos will no longer create message groups for notifications. Instead, you'll get all updates as direct messages from Cosmos. To reduce the clutter from multiple notifications.