Dynamic Screen-share quality 🪄

Cosmos prioritises screen-share and audio over video in a situation with limited bandwidth.

Ability to handle slow internet speed and optimisations to reduce CPU usage 📶

We adjust video quality based on the bandwidth available to upload and download. We also show the quality of each participant's connection on the video tile.

Low latency when connecting to people in different parts of the world 🌏

Cosmos now has globally distributed servers, and users connect to the closest Cosmos server based on location. Example: If two people are talking, one in India and the other in the UK, they will connect to the closest Cosmos servers based on their l📱ocation. Our users get the best video quality regardless of their location. 

New mobile app 📱

Please update your Cosmos Video mobile app to the latest version. Older versions of the app will no longer work. Also, we have resolved the following bugs on the apps:

  •  Screen-share can now be zoomed in and out
  • Bluetooth headphones now work
  • The phone remains awake while you are on the video call

Download the apps here