We at Cosmos want to help teams to be connected. We do this by lowering the effort it takes to start a conversation. We've shipped new features that make it easier to be available, pick the right moment and start a conversation.

馃専 Easier to be available: 

Improved popout experience to ensure Cosmos gets out of the way and lets you be productive. It gives you control for peace of mind:

  • Quick access to buttons for mic and camera, status, and screenshare
  • Floating videos with the ability to switch between pages
  • Sound notification when someone walks up to you

馃攳 Pick the right moment:

  • Spot available teammates in the sidebar or on the map
  • Understand their context from status
  • If one of your teammates is busy, you can ask Cosmos to notify you when they become available

馃挰 Start Conversations Effortlessly:

  • Walk up to your teammate to start talking
  • Or use "Are you free for a chat?" to ask if now is a good time

The new popout experience is available in the Cosmos desktop app.

Checkout out our blog on how to overcome disconnect and isolation in remote teams to understand why we've built features to be available and easily start a conversation.