We hope you're making the most out of Cosmos. We are back with updates that make Cosmos accommodating for all teams—big or small, creative or corporate. Let’s dive into what's new and improved!

🧑‍🎨 Choose your Avatar Style based on your needs

  • Picture Bubbles: For those who prefer simplicity, users can now upload profile pictures, making team recognition smoother and faster.
  • Avatars: Add a splash of fun by animating and customising your avatar, making every walk through Cosmos space engaging.

🤳 Mobile App Enhancements for people on the go

  • Invite Links: Meeting, room, user, or space invite links work seamlessly on mobile. We’ve added redundancy to ensure users get to the reception if any invite link breaks.
  • Simpler Guest Access: We want external guests to join on mobile without signups. This is in development and will be released next week.

💭 Meeting Chat is now available on mobile: Participants from the mobile can ask questions and share updates, documents, and insights, enriching interactions.

Cosmos Replays now work on mobile browsers: Anyone can catch up on meetings conveniently on mobile—no app download or login is required. This truly enhances accessibility for Cosmos replay viewers.